Kuber is Tricontanol based natural plant growth promoter.

Kuber is natural Photosynthesis enhancer. Kuber is highly effective Natural Plant Growth Promoter, derived from agricultural raw material based on Tricontanol. Technically, it is a mixture of long chain high molecular weight fatty alcohols with carbon atoms and sterols. It helps supplement the potency of various fertilizer and micronutrients embedded in soil. Kuber helps unlock Nature’s storehouse of nutrients and stimulates following growth response in different crop.
a) Increase in flowers and fruiting body.
b) Increase in yield, height of plants and weight in dry matter.
c) Earlier and stronger tillering, greener and broader leaves, with increase photosynthesis.
d) Increase in nitrogen assimilation.
e) Longer and better spread of roots.

We supply 100% pure, natural, organic and herbal agro products, which assist in cultivation and contribute to the growth of crops. These products include herbal Growth Promoter, Plant Growth Promoter flower shedding preventer, cotton pest control, termite remover, mealy bug controller and others. Herbal agro products are extracted from natural herbs in different specifications to suit the varied needs of the cultivators – be it full time farming or its armature gardening. They can also be standardized as per the specific needs. The herbal agro products are obtained from different processes. However, premium quality and high effectiveness is always ensured, which meet or exceed the international quality standards.

Plants Growth Promoters

Plants Growth Promoters

Growth promoter is a natural/herbal fertilizer, especially designed for the overall growth of the plants. These growth promoters are intended to accelerate the rate of growth and maturation of crops or plants, without disturbing their natural physiological actions. These premium quality plant growth promoters increase the yield as well as control the pests & pathogens. A highly effective and safe biological tonics, these growth promoters boost an all round development of the crops by regulating their metabolic activities from root to the leaves. The product is available in different packaging specifications, which can be tailored to specific needs.

Mode of action of Kuber : After Kuber is absorbed in the plant, the active principles in Kuber activates several enzymes in the plant tissues.

Kuber encourages the roots of the plant to penetrate deeper into the soil and absorb more nutrients.

Due to Kuber spray, the cell wall become more permeable to absorb and translocate more nutrients, solutes and ensures effective utilisation of nutrients absorbed by the plants.

All these result in increased plant size, better health and more production.

Formulations : Kuber is available in water emulsifiable concentrate highly miscible with water. It is non-corrosive, an extremely stable compound and does not decompose even at high temperature. It is compatible with most biocides in common agricultural use. However, it should not be mixed in Bordeaux 1 mixture of wettable pesticidal formulations having uneven and bigger particle size. It is fully Biodegradable, non-toxic and absolutely safe compound for animals, environment and human beings.

Dosage and method of application : Low volume spray: Spray Kuber @ 650-800 ml. / ha.

High volume spray: Spray Kuber @ 5ml./ 1ltr. of water and cover the entire foliage to the point of dripping.

The dosages suggested above should be applied to crops by using a Knapsack type of power-sprayer, fitted with a fine nozzle. Ensure through coverage by using 500 ltr ./ ha. or more of water. The power sprayer can only be used if at least 200 ltr. of water are mixed with the recommended doses of KUBER per hectare.

Usage : Kuber Plant Growth Promoter is the proven method of Improving, plant health. When sprayed on any plant, Kuber gives speedy and positive results. Fruits, Vegetables, Floriculture, Fodder crops, Plantation crops, Gardens, Orchards, Nursery, Kitchen garden, Potted plants, Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds etc. all yield better with KUBER.

Presentation : 500 ml, 1 litre & 5 litre plastic bottles.

The information given is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, since the use of the product is beyond our control, we disclaim any liability with the use of data or suggestions, except uniform quality of product.