Neem (Azadirachta Indica) and Environmentally friendly natural products for Organic farming

the best of my knowledge, no plant material with greater activity against abroader spectrum of pest insect species, has yet been found.” Dr Martin Jacobson of United States Dept. of Agriculture -Agricultural Research Center in Beltsiville, Madison, USA.

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Pioneer introduces farming community worldwide environmental friendly, non-toxic natural products for plant protection and growth for organic farming. The project envisages creating facilities right from the initial stage herbs to extract, manufacture and market finished products with installed capacity of 5000MT. Our product are accepted and under field trial and products registration in countries like U.S.A., Taiwan, Italy, Greece, portugal,Spain etc..Equivalent products to NeemHit are already registered in U.S.A. (since 1992) and numbers of European countries . U.S.A. Enviornmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A),  organic input by IMO Switzerland.

Pioneer’s range of Environment Friendly products for horticulture, agriculture, floriculture, home garden and organic farming


Environment friendly, non toxic, completely biodegradable, natural product with comprehensive insect-pest control properties effective on more than 300 types of insect-pest based on Neem (Azadirachta Indica).

Neemhit is for diverse biological effects such as insecticidal, antifeedant, repellant, nematicidal, antibecteria, antifungal, antiviral, oviposition and deterrent.

What is NeemHit The Neem is being heralded as a tree for solving global problems by the U.S. Department of agricultural. Equivalent products to NeemHit are already registered in U.S.A. (since 1992) and numbers of European countries.


Kuber is natural Photosynthesis enhancer. Kuber is highly effective Natural Plant Growth Promoter, derived from agricultural raw material based on Tricontanol. Technically, it is a mixture of long chain high molecular weight fatty alcohols with carbon atoms and sterols. It helps supplement the potency of various fertilizer and micronutrients embedded in soil. Kuber helps unlock Nature’s storehouse of nutrients and stimulates following growth response in different crop.

What is Kuber

  1. Increase in flowers and fruiting body.
  2. Increase in yield, height of plants and weight in dry matter.
  3. Earlier and stronger tillering, greener and broader leaves, with increase photosynthesis.
  4. Increase in nitrogen assimilation.
  5. Longer and better spread of roots.

Neem extract

Neem Technical

Neem Technical is a manufacturing use product (MUP) as it’s active ingredients and other bioactive limonoid fractions of neem seed kernels. The product is the most bioactive extract of neem due to its versatile and unique extraction technology.

Highest stability of the product is a supreme R&D invention. Low impurities of Neem Technical make it as best quality product anywhere in the world.

Neem extract Chemical Composition

a.i:10-15%w/w min.
Other limonoids & compounds of Neem origin : 55-60% w/w

Neem extract Physico- Chemical Properties

Colour:Brownish Yellow Powder
Odour:Neem Odour
Active Ingredients:
Azadirachtin A
Azadirachtin B
Molecular Weight:
Azadirachtin A 720
Azadirachtin B 662
Empirical Formula:
C35 H44 O16 (Azadirachtin A)
C33 H42 O14 (Azadirachtin B)
Chemical Family:Tetranortriterpenoids
pH:6.8 ± 0.02
Tap Density:0.71 g / ml
Oxidation / Reduction:Neither Oxidant nor reductant
Flammability:Non – flammable
Explodability:Non – explodable
Vapour Pressure:3.6 – 10 – 11 (hpa)
Corrosion:No corrosion to HDPE lining
UV / Visible Absorption:250 nm

Product Usage

  1. 1. Crop pest control formulations.
  2. Veterinary pest control products.
  3. Hygiene products – shampoo’s, sprays, Cream
  4. Textile protection formulations.
  5. Household pest control formulations.

Neem Oil

Neem Oil is manufactured by extracting oil through a hygienic extraction process. It consists of 800 – 1000 ppm of Azadirachtin and other essential components of neem. Neem oil is used for a wide range of applications like soap manufacturing, medicines, cosmetics, lubricants, veterinary products. Neem oil is an ideal organically acceptable foliar fungicide.

Chemical Composition

Physical state:Brown homogenous liquid
Odour:Characteristic neem odor
Solubility:Soluble in acetone anisopropylalchohol.
Moisture and insoluble impurities, % W/W:0.28
Refractive index at 40 °C:1.468
Saponification value:180-205
Specific gravity at 30°C:0.92 – 0.93
Acid Value:15% Max.
Iodine Value:65-80
Aflatoxins (ppb):< 2
Azadirachtin content:800 – 1000 PPM

Product Usage

Neem oil is used as fungicides, cosmetics,
medicines, soaps, hygienic products, veterinary products, etc.


Neemaura is a environmentally friendly natural Neem bitterns ,non toxic and safe biodegradable urea coating agent containing Neem Triterpenes inhibit the growth of nitrifying bacteria resulting in delayed transformation of ammoniacal nitrogen into nitrite nitrogen. This ensures slow and continuous availability of nitrogen matching the requirements of crop plants during their life cycle and effectively retards the nitrification of urea. Neemaura coated urea mineralizes much slower than plain urea at least two to three times under soil conditions by controlling the multiplication process of soil borne bacteria like, Nitrosomanas and Nitrobacter which are responsible for nitrification. Neemaura formulation contains neem bitters and sulphurous compounds, which are mainly responsible for retarding the process of bacterial action and protects urea from leaching, volatilization and also protects crop from insect pest result in higher yields.


Bio-Organic soil enricher made from complete biodegradble organic Neem cake which is manure for green earth. Neem cake is rich in sulphur compounds, in addition to its intrinsic N.P.K. value, it possess bitter terpenoids such as Epinimbin-A natural nitrification inhibitor. It is a rich source of plant nutrients, growth promoting substances, nitrogen fixers and phosphorous solubilisers which contribute to vigorous growth and
high quality yield.


The extracted powder from processed neem leaf, which is used in several herbal cosmetic preparations, medicated herbal tea. , Health, and hygiene products.Neemgard effectively controls various fungus and pests during storage of seeds. This is also used at nursery level for sowing of seeds and it controls seeds from attack of various fungus and viruses particularly nematodes.

NeemHit Petspray

NeemHit Petspray is a formulation containing neem kernel extract containing azadirachtin for prevention parasite attacks by scabies, eczema, and mange organisms in pets. The protective thin layerAzadirachtin coating is firmly attached to the animal’s skin and fur and protect it in a totally natural way, from fleas, lice, ticks, mosquito, sandfly, species of midge etc and which also act as an antifeedant, deterring and repelling all young fleas and killing flea eggs or larvae. NeemHit petspray totally natural product for the skin, 100% ecologically safe, environmentally friendly with antibecterial, antifungal, antiviral properties, that has value-added benefits, like an active that arrests any inflammation caused by a prior bite, as well as help to improve the condition of the skin & hair.

We invite distributors and representatives to share a tremendous untapped business potential in time to come in our bid to offer eco-friendly and safer alternatives to farming world. We have range of Environmentally Friendly and Natural products for organic farming, which will best suited to your application. We would provide you technical concentrates and formulation method for your trials and production on exclusive basis and unerrupted supply of raw material from which you can manufacture products as per your requirements after signing secrecy agreement and memorandum of understanding. These will enable you to improve your brand name and long term business prospect. We would also share with the relevant specification,data and published literature detail information on exclusive basis for registration of product in your country at your own expenses.