Allium Sativum

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Description : Allium sativum is a bulbous plant. It grows up to 1.2 m (4 ft) in height. Its hardiness is USDA Zone 8. It produces hermaphrodite flowers. Pollination occurs by bees and other insects. Today, garlic is grown in temperate and tropical regions all over the world, and many cultivars have been developed to suit different climates.

Uses : Garlic is a strongly aromatic bulb that has long been used in cooking and medicine.

Sliced, fried garlic from India was exported to Burma where it was eaten with pickled tea.

Garlic has been used as a food and flavouring agent for thousands of years. After onion, garlic is the most widely consumed bulb.

Almost 10 million tons of garlic is produced each year. The world’s largest producers include China, Korea, India, USA, Spain, Egypt and Turkey.

Garlic bulbs are sold fresh or processed to produce a dry powder or oil. Garlic is popular in French, Spanish, Portuguese and South Asian cuisine. The bulb is the most commonly used part but chopped leaves are sometimes also used.

Garlic is one of the most frequently used plants in many parts of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and there are many ways of using it. Garlic is used not only to flavour curries but can be used in drinks and savoury desserts.

To add a mild flavour to food the fresh cloves are cooked whole. If a stronger flavour is required, garlic cloves are crushed or ground and added to the dish. Garlic should not be cooked for too long as it can become bitter. Often garlic heads with small cloves have a stronger flavour than larger ones.

Oil is processed from garlic and used commercially as flavouring. It can be added to flavour otherwise bland vegetable oils.

Garlic is not popular with everyone. Members of certain religious groups in India, such as Jainism and Brahman Hinduism, are forbidden to eat onion-related plants like garlic. The reasons differ in each case. Jains consider use of garlic to be too damaging to the plant, while some Hindus consider garlic too stimulating.


This is a natural medicinal plant use for disease prevention and it cures internally, it’s used against infection of all kinds. Externally it’s used for nose eye ear and throat infections because of the thiamin content in it. Garlic has a measurable amount of germanium (a mineral that strengthens the immune system) and is excellent in healing of wounds.

In nutrition it’s useful for the control of glucose tolerance for both high and low sugar in the in the body by helping to reduce or increase insulin requirement. It also help to reduce blood help to protect against narrowing of the arteries. The presence of allicin makes garlic to have offensive odor. But the can be avoided by removing the allicin before preparation.

Researches have shown that there are 50 chemicals present in garlic and some of them can activate enzymes in the liver that destroy Alfa toxin. A potent carcinogen (a cancer causing agent) that can grow on groundnut and grains. Alfa toxins are leading cause of liver cancer in the world. Garlic stimulates the bowel to throw off waste materials. It also helps to control fever and bacteria and disorder of the blood. It can be used to expel worms in the body.

Garlic is a powerful detoxifier providing protection against pollutants heaving metal toxicity. Through research it has been shown that out of the 50 compounds present in garlic 10 are active in reversing cancer development. It strengthens the heart it also nourishes has a positive effect on stomach, spleen and lungs. It’s also effective in the treatment of arthritis prevent breast cancer, heart diseases, stroke etc .it can also be used as mosquito repellant when mixed with olive oil and applied on the body, it is an immune enhancer, liver protecting agent,anti stress agent etc.