Natural Food Colors


Fresh Herbs, Fruit ,Vegetables, Natural Condiment Powder and Natural Food Colors

Pioneer offer wide range of Natural food colours

Pioneer manufacture wide range of Natural Food Colours and Extracts, Natural Condiment powders, Fresh Fruits powders for specific or customize requirements with total operational integration starting from seed selection, agronomy practices, contract farming, in-house processing in the GMP quality manufacturing infrastructure enables Pioneer to offer consistent quality products.

Our products are completely natural and use advanced techniques for excellence and consumer safety.

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Natural Food Color is any dye, pigment or any other substance obtained from vegetable, animal, mineral, or source capable of coloring food drug, cosmetic or any part of human body, colors come from variety of sources such as seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, minerals, algae & insect. According to the application a suitable Natural Color can be achieved by keeping in mind the factors such as PH. heat, light storage and the other ingredients of the formula or recipe. The storage conditions for natural colors depends on the particular need of the product.

A tight sealed container is best to store the product in a cool storage to preserve color strength and quality, along with its degree of cooling point.

Due to strict regulations, Food & Cosmetic manufacturing companies throughout the world are opting for natural colors. Colors have application in number of industries like food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics etc..

Color Products Cl. No. EEC No.
Beet Root Red Color E-162b
Curcumin Yellow Color 75300 E-100
Caramel Color Liquid
Caramel Color Powder E-150
Paprika Color E-160c
Anthocyanin Color E-163
Chlorophyll Green Color Water Soluble 75810 E-141
Chlorophyll Green Color Oil Soluble 75810 E-141
Safflower Extract/Carthamus 75760

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Annatto Acid Proof Annatto Colours & Oil-Soluble
Annatto Oil & Water Soluble Annatto & Turmeric Colour
Annatto & Turmeric Colour Oil Soluble Annatto Water Soluble
Anthocyanin Extract Caramel
Chlorophyll Oil Soluble Chlorophyll Water Soluble
Chromium picolinate Cochineal Carmine
Mari Gold Extract
Paprika Colour Water Paparika Oil Soluble
Red Beet Colour
Safflower Yellow Sandal Wood Natural Red Colour
Turmeric Colours Turmeric Colour Oil Soluble
Xanthophyll Colours

Annatto Chlorophyll Colour Curcummin Colour Red Beet Root Colour


Due to its heat sensitivity and specific hue, Beet Root Colour is widely used in Frozen Products, Desserts, Sauces, Malted and Chocolate Beverages, Soups and Beverage Premixes.
It is selectively used in Ice Creams or Yoghurts where the reducing pH during the shelf life of the Dairy Product does not affect the change in Beet Root Colour