Description : Oleoresins are semi-solid extracts composed of a resin in solution in an essential and/or fatty oil, obtained by evaporation of the solvent(s) used for their production. Naturally occurring oleoresins are also known as balsams.

Oleoresins are the concentrated form of spices where you get the wholesome flavour and aroma of the spice. Spice oleoresins are characterised by high potency of active components which enables their usage in small dosages. Spice Oils and Oleoresins can be used to advantage wherever spices are used, except in those applications where the appearance/ filler aspect of spice is important. Usage of spice oleoresins leads to standardisation in taste and consistency in flavour. Oleoresins find application in Beverages, Meat Canning, Confectionery, Sauces and Pharmaceuticals. They are also used as a base for a number of seasonings.

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Natural Oleoresins

Capsicum OleoresinFenugreek Oleoresin
Capsicum Pure Natural 95%Garlic Oleoresin
Celery OleoresinGinger oil and Olioresins
Cinnamon Bark oleoresinOnion oleoresin