Alkaloids, Specialty Phytochemicals and Phytochemical Standards

Pioneer offer wide range of Alkaloids and Specialty Phytochemicals

The Pioneer Enterprises and associated group of companies have modern manufacturing plants that produce a novel range of Phytochemicals and Alkaloids to the specifications and satisfaction of its customers.

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All products are manufactured and analyzed by a highly qualified and experienced team of chemists ensuring quality products to its valued clients all over the world. The dedication of the people and new innovations in manufacturing technologies, have enabled the company to supply the highest quality products to its customers cost-effectively.

Alkoloids / Phytochemicals

Brucine BaseMethoxsalen
Berberine HCL J.P.Monocrotalline
Boswellic AcidNoscapine BaseHCL
Bergapten (5-MOP)Podophyllotoxin
CamptothecinPapaverine HCL
Calcium SennosidesStrychinine Base/Salts
Calcium Hydroxy Citric acidTaxol & 10-D.A.B.
Chromium PicolinateVasicinone
Ellagic AcidVincristine
Forskholin5-Hydroxy L-Tryptophan
Pioneer offer wide range of Phytochemical Standards

Reference Standards are used in determining scientific validity. They are useful in evaluating process controls that establish the validity of your test methods and are essential for testing specific chemicals. Isolation of single chemical entities from medicinal plants forms a major part of our R&D activities. Primarily, these isolated chemical entities are used as marker compounds in the chromatographic finger printing and quality control of plant drugs. The latter being complex mixtures of primary and secondary metabolites are extremely difficult to standardize and there lies the importance of phytochemicals for herbal industry as well as for those interested in monitoring quality of herbal drugs.

We have a unique 5000 plant species use to source materials from our specialist suppliers and collaborators around the world.

Phytochemical Standards
Botanical Name
Phytochemical Standards
Common Name
6-GingerolBlack Ginger, Canton Ginger, Cochin Ginger, Garden Ginger, Gingembre, Imber, Jamaican ginger
6-ShogaolBlack Ginger, Canton Ginger, Cochin Ginger, Garden Ginger, Gingembre, Imber, Jamaican ginger
8-GingerolBlack Ginger, Canton Ginger, Cochin Ginger, Garden Ginger, Gingembre, Imber, Jamaican ginger
a -asarone
Acetyl boswellic acid (a-b)
Acetyl-11-keto-b -boswellic acid
Aconitum NapellusMonk’s Hood, Friar’s Cap
Actea racemosa (Cimicifuga racemosa)Blake snakeroot, squaw root, Sheng ma, bugbane,rattleroot, richweed
Allium sativum
Amino Acids
AndrograpaninCreat, Senshinren, kirata, kalmegh, chiretta, king of bitters, chuan xin lian
Andrographis paniculataCreat, Senshinren, kirata, kalmegh, chiretta, king of bitters, chuan xin lian
AndrographolideCreat, Senshinren, kirata, kalmegh, chiretta, king of bitters, chuan xin lian
Aristolochic Acid
Astragalus membranaceusHuang Qi, Huang-Chi, Bei kei, Buck Qi, Milk Vetch,Yellow Leader
Atropa bella donnaBlack cherry, deadly nightshade, dwale, poison black cherry
Bacopa monnieriHerb-of-Grace, Water Hyssop
Bacoside AHerb-of-Grace, Water Hyssop
BerberineYellow Paint Root, Orange Root, Yellow Puccoon,Jaundice root
b-gycyrrhetinic acid
Boswellia serrataFrankincense, Salai guggal
Boswellic acidFrankincense, Salai guggal
Boswellic acid (a-b)Frankincense, Salai guggal
Bupleurum chinensisChai-hu, Hare’s Ear, Thorowax Root
Camellia sinensisChinese Tea
Capsicum frutescensChili, Hot pepper, Red chili, Spur Pepper, Tabasco
Cassia spp.
Centella asiaticaBramhi, Hydrocotyle asiatica, Indian Pennywort, Marsh penny
Cephalotaxus spp.Plum Yew, San jian shan shu
Chondroitin Disaccharide
Citrus aurantiumPetitgrain, Kuang Chu, Naranja Agria
Citrus BioflavonoidRutin, Hesperidin, Waringin, Quercitin, HER
Commiphora mukul Jaundice rootGuggul
Crataegus spp.
Cynara scolymusArtichoke
Demethyl wedelolactone
Digitalis Lanatoside
Echinacea angustifolia
Echinacea PurpureaPurple Coneflower, Rudbeckia, Sampson Root
Echinacea spp.Coneflower, Rudbeckia, Sampson Root
Eleutherococcus senticosusEleuthero Ginseng, Spiny Ginseng, Wu jia
Ellagic acid
Ephedra spp.Ma Huang
Epimedium spp.Horny Goat Weed
Euphrasia officinalisName: Eufragia, Eufrasia, Euphrasia, Glossy Eyebright, Gozlukotu
Evodia spp.
Ferulic acidName: Eufragia, Eufrasia, Euphrasia, Glossy Eyebright, Gozlukotu
Fraxinus spp.Ash
Gallic acid
Ganoderma lucidumLucky fungus
Garcinia CambogiaBrindal Berry, Gorikapuli, HCA, Hydroxycitric Acid, MalabarTamarind
Ginkgo bilobaMaidenhair Tree, Duck Foot Tree, Silver Apricot
Glycine maxGlycine soja, Soybeans, Soya
Guggulsterone –E
Gycyrrhizic acid
Harmane Alkaloids in plants
HCA-Calcium salt
Hedera helixCommon ivy
Hydrastis candensisYellow Paint Root, Orange Root, Yellow Puccoon,Jaundice root
Hypericum perforatumGoatweed, hypericum, Klamath weed
Hypericum perforatumGoatweed, hypericum, Klamath weed
Hypophyllanthinseed on the leaf
Lichen Acids
Linum usitatissimumCommon Flax, Linseed, Lint bells, Winterlein
Magnolia spp.
Maranta arundinaceaArrow root, Bermuda Arrowroot
Maricaria recutitaWild Chamomile, German Chamomile, Mayweed, Camomile, matricaria, Scented mayweed
Olea europaeaOleae folium, Olivier
Panax quinquefoliusAmerican GInseng, Anchi, Red Berry, Ren Shen, Five Fingers, Tienchi
Passiflora incarnataManzana de Mayo, Mayapple, Maypop
Phyllanthinseed on the leaf
Phyllanthus niruriseed on the leaf
Phytosterol in plants
Piper methysticumKava Kava, Awa, Kawa, Kew, Tonga, Yagona
p-Methoxycinnamic acid
Policosanol Fatty alcohol in plants
Pueraria montana subsp. var. lobataKudsu
Pyguem africanomAfrican prune
Rauwolfi a serpentinaIndian Snake root
Rhodiola rosea
Rosmarinus officinalisGarden rosemary, Rosemary plant
Ruscus aculeatusBrusca, Cobanpuskulu, Jew’s Myrtle, Knee Holly,Kneeholm, Pettigree, Rusco, Sweet Broom
Salvia miltiorrhizaDan-shen, Red sage, Ten-shen, Salvia Root,
Chinese Sage, Radix Salvia
Schisandra chinensisMagnolia Vine, Schizandra, Wu Wei Zu, Wu Wei Zi
Scutellaria polydon
Serenoa repensScrub-Palmetto
Silybum marianumMilk Thistle, Lady’s thistle, Cardui mariae, Carduus marianum, Holy Thistle, Silimarina, Silybin
Smilax officinalisKhao Yen, Sarsa, Smilax
Stevia rebaudianaSweet leaf of Paraguay, Ca-A-E, Azucacaa, Capim Doce, Erva Doce, Kaa Jhee, Yerba Dulce, Sweet Herb
Trifolium pratenseCowgrass, Peavine Clover, Purple Clover
Uncaria tomentosaGarabato Amarillo, Una de Gato, Samento
Ursolic acidAfrican prune
Vaccinium myrtillusDwarf Bilberry, Whortleberry, British Bilberry, Huckleberry
Vasicine Hydrochloride
Vitex agnus-castusAgnus Castus, Chasteberry, Cloister Pepper, Monk’s Berry, Monk’s Pepper, Vitex
Vitus vinifera
Vitus vinifera
Withaferin A
Withania somniferaWithania, Indian Ginsing, Ajagandha, Kanaje Hindi,Samm Al Ferakh
Zingiber officinaleBlack Ginger, Canton Ginger, Cochin Ginger, Garden Ginger, Gingembre, Imber, Jamaican ginger
Zizyphus jujubaDa-Zao, Ta-Tsao

If you have a requirement for any other phytochemicals not mentioned in our list, please contact us with the detailed requirements. We can undertake the isolation of the phytochemicals for you as per your requirement.