Fresh Herbs Fruit

Fresh Herbs Fruit

Fresh Herbs,Fruit ,Vegetables, Natural Condiment Powder and Natural Food Colors

Pioneer offer wide range of Natural food colours

Pioneer manufacture wide range of Natural Food Colours and Extracts, Natural Condiment powders, Fresh Fruits powders for specific or customize requirements with total operational integration starting from seed selection, agronomy practices, contract farming, in-house processing in the GMP quality manufacturing infrastructure enables Pioneer to offer consistent quality products. Our products are completely natural and use advanced techniques for excellence and consumer safety.

Natural Food Color is any dye, pigment or any other substance obtained from vegetable, animal, mineral, or source capable of coloring food drug, cosmetic or any part of human body, colors come from variety of sources such as seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, minerals, algae & insect. According to the application a suitable Natural Color can be achieved by keeping in mind the factors such as PH. heat, light storage and the other ingredients of the formula or recipe. The storage conditions for natural colors depends on the particular need of the product.

A tight sealed container is best to store the product in a cool storage to preserve color strength and quality, along with its degree of cooling point.

Due to strict regulations, Food & Cosmetic manufacturing companies throughout the world are opting for natural colors. Colors have application in number of industries like food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics etc..

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Pioneer Enterprise has introduced a vast range of  dehydrates Herbs,vegetables,Fruit Flavours in Powder Form. These products are used in Confectionery, Bakery Products, Baby/Weaning Foods, Nutritional Foods, Ready-to-Drink Mixes, Instant Foods, Instant Soup Mixes, Seasonings, Snack Foods etc.

Herbs,vegetables,Fruit Flavours Powder dehydration is done by various processes like traditional Sun drying, Solar dryers, Mechanical dryers, vacuum freeze drying, vacuum drying, Osmotic dehydration, dehydration through explosion puffing and microwave based technique, scientific cultivation of vegetables and hot air dehydration processing.We are successfully providing the ‘Natural Benefits’ in the form of Spray Dried products.

Freeze Driying Technology

Freeze drying is a special dehydration technique whereby the moisture content of the product is reduced to less that 4% by the process of sublimation under vacuum. Freeze drying is the premium technology for food preservation and is the most preferred food preservation technique the world over, even in the advanced countries.

We introduce a range of freeze dried Indian Instant Vegetables Pre-cooked Indian curries are preserved by drying using the advanced food preservation technique of vacuum freeze drying.

Advantages of Freeze Dried Products

The advantages that the freeze dried products offer are :

  • Original flavour, shape, colour and texture.
  • Original nutritive value
  • Light weight
  • Quick and Complete reconstitution
  • Long shelf life at ambient temperature
  • Easy handling and cheaper transportation
  • No additive or preserative

Packaging :

Appropriate packaging is necessary for the freeze dried product to reach your shores with the colour, aroma and flavor intact – as mother nature wanted them to be for month’s together.

Packaging is in laminated aluminum foil pouches flushed with nitrogen. These pouches are then packed in corrugated cartons.

Packaging can, however, be adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Natural Condiment Powder :
Fresh CapsicumFresh Coriander
Fresh Curry LeavesFresh Curd
Fresh GarlicFresh Ginger
Fresh Green ChillyFresh Lime
Fresh Mint (Pudina)Fresh Pink Onion
Fresh White OnionHoney
Fresh Red CapsicumGhee
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Powders :
Sapota (Chikkoo)Strawberry
TangerineWater Melon
Black GrapesSweet Lime
Passion FruitKiwi Fruit
KokumBeet Juice

Tamarind PowderStrawberry Powder Pineapple Powder Orange Powder Mango Powder Lemon PowderBanana PowderCarrot PowderGinger PowderMint PowderSpinach Powder