Annatto Colours Oil Soluble


Ingredients :

Bixin Refined Vegetable Oil.

Stability :

Heat : Very Good

PH (Colour Range) : Golden Yellow

Light : Very Good.

Product Code : PEOSAR – 112 (a)

Concentration : 1.5% Bixin

Applications : Margarine, Butter, Snacks, Salads, chocolate & Sauce.


Annatto Color – Oil Soluble –  is a yellow to orange powder that is derived from the reddish seeds of the achiote tree. It has an odor that is slightly nutty, sweet, and peppery with a hint of nutmeg. This product has a more orange color due to its level of bixin. It can be used as a food dye in the production of cream, margarine, butter, low fat spreads, fillings, and other fat based products. This product is used in functional foods and nutrition applications.

The major uses of oil-soluble Annatto are in dairy and fat-based products, sueli as butler, margarine, processed cheese, yogurt, creams, desserts, baked goods and snack foods Annatto may be used in combination with Paprika oleoresin if redder shades are required, such as in processed cheeses, and in combination with Turmeric oleoresin if yellower shades are needed. In addition. Turmeric may have some stabilising action on the Annato extract.