Annatto Oil & Water Soluble


Ingredients :

Nor – Bixin / Bixin, Monoglycerides of Vegetable Oil Propylene Glycol,

Potassium hydroxide, Water

Stability :

Heat : Good

PH (Colour Range) : Reddish Yellow Yellow

Light : Good.

Product Code : PEOWAR – 123

Concentration :2% Nor – Bixin  Applications : Processed Cheese, Snacks,
Bread & Cakes etc.


Annatto Colour is extracted from the seeds of the annatto bush called Bixa Orellana. These seeds give two pigments, bixin which is oil soluble and norbixin which is soluble in water.

Traditionally norbixin has been used in cheese colouration, but gradually a much wider variety of applications was developed in different products including breadcrumbs, flour confectionery, dairy products and ice cream.

Traditionally norbixin was used in cheese colouration, but gradually it started being used in a wide range of applications in different products. Whereas bixin, being Oil soluble is used in cream fillings for biscuits, margarines, butter, low fat spreads and other fat based products