Annatto & Turmeric Colour Oil Soluble: (EEC No. E-160 b) (EEC No. E-100)


Ingredients :

Bixin & Curcumin & Refined Vegetable Oil.

Stability :

Heat : Vere Good

PH (Colour Range) : Golden Yellow

Light : Vere Good.

Product Code : PEOSAR – 122 (a)

Concentration :1.5% Bixin
1.0% Curcumin

Applications : Margarine, Butter, Snacks, Salads, Chocolate & Sauce.

Description : Oil Soluble is a bright, strong yellow pigment in a liquid form, which is extracted from the turmeric plant as an oleoresin and then purified to strengthen and stabilize the color.

Uses :  It is extremely heat stable and can be used in a wide range of foods. It can be used as a food dye in the production of margarine, mustard, salad dressing, sauces, soups, breading, breakfast cereal, sausage casing, meat analogues, and oils.