Calcium Fumarate Soluble

At 20.5% Calcium, Calcium Fumarate Soluble has a much higher level of Calcium than other soluble Calcium salts. The amount required to achieve a given Calcium level is much lower as a result.

Synonym Fumaric acid calcium salt
CAS No. 19855-56-2
Molecular Formula CaC4H2O4
Molecular Weight 154.18
Description A white fine crystalline powder
Specifications Purity (as CaC4H2O4) Min. 99%
Content of Calcium Min. 20.5%
Heavy metals Max. 10ppm
Lead Max. 2ppm
Particle size- Sieve Residue on ASTM#20 Max. 2%
Packing 20 kg Bag

Stronger Fruit Flavour
Calcium fortified fruit-based products made with Calcium Fumarate Soluble have a stronger fruit flavour than those fortified with other soluble Calcium salts. This is due in part to the lower level needed to achieve the same Calcium loading.

More Economical Calcium Source than Most Other Soluble Calcium Salts
A consequence of Calcium Fumarate Soluble’s high Calcium level is that it is a more economical source of Calcium than most other soluble Calcium salts.

Rapid Dissolution
Calcium Fumarate Soluble dissolves faster than other commercially available forms of Calcium Fumarate. The time required for dissolution in Calcium fortified juice beverages is lower than that for other soluble Calcium salts in part because of its lower level of use.

Transparent Solutions
Calcium Fumarate Soluble yields transparent solutions and therefore can be used as a Calcium source in clear beverages.

Raises pH less than Calcium Lactate or Calcium Gluconate
Calcium Fumarate Soluble raises the pH of a Calcium fortified juice beverage less than Calcium Lactate or Calcium Gluconate while providing the same level of Calcium. This is due to its lower level of use as well as its lower dissociation constant.

Adequate Solubility for Calcium Fortified Food & Beverage Products
Calcium Fumarate Soluble has more than enough solubility for most Calcium fortification applications. At neutral pH and 20°C, its solubility is 1.22% w/w. Solubility increases slightly with temperature (1.56% w/w at 30°C). Calcium RDI in many products is well below its solubility limit.

Background Information on Calcium Fortification
Calcium is an essential nutrient for human nutrition. It is necessary for healthy bones and teeth. The Institute of Medicine, in their 1997 report, recommended the consumption of 1,000 – 1,300 mg. of Calcium per day for most age groups. The age groups with the highest recommended Calcium intakes were 9-18 (1,300 mg. per day) and over 50 (1,200 mg. per day). Children and teenagers need Calcium for bone mineralization and skeletal development. People over 50 need to consume high levels of Calcium in order to counteract Calcium loss from the skeleton. Women over 50 tend to lose Calcium at a greater rate than men.

Calcium consumption among children and teenagers has fallen below the recommended daily intakes. The primary reason for this is that children are consuming less milk and dairy products than they used to.