Calcium Gluconate Monohydrate USP Oral grade

Description : Calcium Gluconate is the gluconate salt of calcium. An element or mineral necessary for normal nerve, muscle, and cardiac function, calcium as the gluconate salt helps to maintain calcium balance and prevent bone loss when taken orally.

Calcium Gluconate is an ideal source of Calcium, a vital ingredient for strong bone and teeth formation. It also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat and transmission of nerve impulses.

Calcium Gluconate is extensively used in the treatment of Calcium deficiency . This product is known to be used in pharmaceutical applications.

Uses :

  • It is mainly used in medicine, food as a source of Calcium
  • Acts as a Calcium replenisher , anti-caking agent
  • As a source of Calcium in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
  • In Veterinary medicines for Hypocalcaemia state
  • Used in tinned food, pickles, jams to enrich Nutritional value, freshness and preservation


Synonym D-Gluconic acid, calcium salt
CAS No. 299-28-5
Molecular Formula C12H22CaO14O
Molecular Weight 430.37
Description White, crystalline, odorless, tasteless granules or powder.
Specifications Solubility Sparingly (and slowly) soluble in water; freely soluble in boiling water; insoluble in alcohol.
Identification A & B : Conform%
Loss on Drying (105°C for 16hrs.) Max. 3.0 %
Chloride Max. 0.005%
Oxalate Max. 0.01%
Phosphate Max. 0.01%
Sulfate Max. 0.005%
Arsenic Max. 3ppmP
Heavy metals Max. 0.001%
Magnesium & alkali metal Max. 0.4 %
Iron Max. 5ppmP
Reducing Substance Max. 1.0%
Residual solvent Meets the requirements.
(as C12H22CaO14)
98% to 102%P
Packing 25 Kg. Bag