Chlorophyll Water Soluble

 Description : Liquid chlorophyll is water-soluble and is derived from the alfalfa plant. It is processed with copper to remove the magnesium molecule from the center of the chlorophyll. Because it is pure chlorophyll, it does not retain the properties of alfalfa, such as being rich in trace minerals. Liquid chlorophyll contains no trace minerals except copper.

Water Soluble Chlorophyll-binding proteins (WSCP) are found in several plant species, e.g. cauliflower. We used WSCP from Lepidium virginicum (Virginia pepperweed) for which the structure was solved by crystallography. WSCP is a putative chlorophyll carrier. It can store up to four chlorophyll molecules in the central hydrophobic cavity, where they are shielded from environment, e.g. oxygen. Simple arrangement of chlorophyll molecules – two dimers – makes WSCP an interesting model system for 2D spectroscopy.

Ingredients :

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Sodium Hydroxide, Carrier.

Stability :

Heat : Vere Good

PH (Colour Range) : Olive Green

Light : Vere Good.

Product Code :PEARCL – 118

Concentration :1.5% Sod. Copper Chlorophyllin

Applications : fluorescence, photosynthesis, cancer prevention, cleanses the liver