Description : Cordyceps is a fungus that infects insects and arthropods. The name cordyceps actually describes a genus of fungi that includes more than 400 unique species of parasitic types. Fungi are essential parts of many ecosystems, but this particular genus also has a great deal of importance for people, as it has been traditionally used in herbal medicine for centuries. These “club head” mushroomshave a wide range of chemical components and compounds that make them particularly valuable in traditional medicine, as they are globally available and relatively inexpensive. The wide spread of theCordyceps genus make it particularly desirable. Cordyceps fungi varieties contain certain  biochemicals that mimic current pharmacological substances in a natural way.

Cordyceps sinensis is a fungus that parasitizes caterpillars, specifically the larva of the hepialid moth (also known as the bat moth). When the fungus parasitizes the larva, its mycelia, which is a mass of branching, threadlike hyphae, fill the entire body of the host and kills it. The entire fungus-larva combination is collected for medical use

Medicinal Uses : 

    • Cordyceps Has Anti-Oxidant Health Benefit
    • Cordyceps Has Anti-Inflammatory Health Benefit
    • Cordyceps Has Antitumor And Anticancer Health Benefit
    • Cordyceps has an Anti-fatigue and anti-stress health benefit
  • Cordyceps Offers Antiasthma Health Benefit

Health Benefits :

    • It can maximize the uptake of body oxygen.
    • The herb boosts the immune system.
    • It can have a positive effect on longevity.
    • Sexual dysfunction in men can be cured through cordyceps.
    • uscles can be strengthened by it.
    • It can improve kidney and lung function.
  • The mushroom is great for the liver.
ItemsRelease SpecificationsResultsStandard
AppearanceYellow to Light Brown fine powderYellowComplies
TasteExtremely BitterExtremely BitterComplies
Drying PreparationFreeze DryingPassComplies
Active IngredientsCordycepine : 15 – 20 %18%HPLC
Mesh size90 % through 120 mesh95 % through 120 meshComplies
MoistureNot more than 5 %4 %Chapter 23
Total Plate CountLess than 1000100BP2002 British Pharmacopoeia
Yeast and mouldLess than 10020BP2002 British Pharmacopoeia
SalmonellaAbsentNot detectedBP2002 British Pharmacopoeia
ColiformAbsentNot detectedBP2002 British Pharmacopoeia
S AuresAbsentNot detectedBP2002 British Pharmacopoeia
Pseudomonas aureusAbsentNot detectedBP2002 British Pharmacopoeia
Heavy MetalsRelease SpecificationsResultsStandard
Arsenic (As)Less than 1 mg/kgLess than 1 mg/kgAOAC 986. 15 Sec D
Lead (Pb)Less than 1 mg/kgLess than 1 mg/kgAOAC 986. 15 Sec D
Cadmium (Cd)Less than 0.2 mg/kgLess than 0.2 mg/kgAOAC 986. 15 Sec D
Mercury (Hg)Less than 0.05 mg/kgLess than 0.5 mg/kgAOAC 986. 15 Sec D
Ash4 % to 6 %5 %Method of Analysis for Nutrition Labelling (1993) Chapter 12
Shelf life24 monthsIn original packing conditions
StorageIn cool dry place at below 15° C.