Davanna Oil

Description : The Essential Oil of Davana is extracted by the steam distillation of flowers of the Davana plant. This plant is botanically known as Artemisia Pallens and has been in use in India for religious purposes since time immemorial. There, the fresh flowers of Davana are offered to Lord Shiva, perhaps as a token of recognition of its medicinal properties.

The oil of the davana plant is very popular. The steam distillation process is used to make this essential oil which has a brown viscous consistency and gives out a charachteristic rich fruity odor. Aromatherapy considers davana oil as an aphrodisiac. Highly soothing to the brain and the nervous system, the davana essential oil helps to fight depression and other stress related symptoms. It fights infections, wounds and tetanus wounds. The davana essential oil is considered stimulating to the endocrine system. It can effectively cure viral infections such as cough & cold, influenza, measles, etc. If used in fumigants or sprays or vaporizers, it works as a good disinfectant. It is useful for countering headaches and pains in the joints and can also lower blood pressure levels. It is used in food preparations like desserts and pastries. It has strong, woody and fruity notes reminiscent of the apricot fruit. Other than giving a boost of energy and elevating the mood, the regular use of this oil results in silky smooth and healthy skin.

Uses : This oil is used in perfumery in chypre and fougere fragrances, which may include strongly coloured ingredients like labdanum and oakmoss.

Aromatherapists use davana as an emotionally balancing oil and for its soothing effect on the skin.

In Indian folk medicine, it was also recommended for diabetes.

We use davana oil for its soothing properties and its warm citrus scent.

Health Benefits :

    • Antiviral
    • Antidepressant
    • Antiseptic
    • Disinfectant
    • Relaxes mind
    • Emenagogue
    • Expectorant
    • Act as a anti-depressent
    • Relaxant
    • Vulnerary
    • Gives relief from cold and cough
    • For insect bites
    • For Acne
  • For Dry Skin
Description:Oil Davanna is the volatile components collected from an aromatic herb Artemisis pallens wall of family compositae.
Specifications:It is a golden yellow to red transparent liquid with intense fragrance.
Manufacturing Process:It is obtained by the steam distillation of the semi dried mature plant  (whole) Artemisia Pallens wall in  stainless steel vessel at hygienic processing parameters.
Applications:In perfumery and Medicine..
Shelf life and Storage:18 months. Product should be kept in full tight containers in climate controlled atmosphere protected from direct heat and sunlight.
Packing:10,20,40 KG HDPE Carbouys.
5,10,20,40, KG Stainless Steel Containers.
Labelling:The label displays product name, lot number, net weight, gross weight and other information/marks specified by the customer.