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The company, Pioneer Enterprise, however, cannot assume any liabilities or risks involved in the use of its natural products or their derivatives or raw materials or ingredients, since the conditions of use are beyondPioneer Enterprise‘s control. Statements concerning the possible use are not intended as recommendations to use our materials in the infringement of any patents or infringements of mandatory regulatory requirements or without any safety evaluations conducted when used in combination with materials of other suppliers. We make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, other than that the material conforms to the applicable standard specifications.

Pioneer Enterprise. accepts no liabilities of whatsoever either expressed or as other wise arising out of the information supplied, the application, adaptation or processing of the products described herein, or the use of other materials in lieu of the Pioneer Enterprise materials or the use of Pioneer Enterprise raw materials or ingredients in conjunction with any other products and raw materials.

The use of Pioneer Enterprise‘s raw materials or ingredients in any formulations are to be compulsory tested and to be assayed for safety and toxicology profiles evaluations and according the mandatory regulations as required by the laws and regulations of the countries where the evaluation and use ofPioneer Enterprise‘s raw materials or ingredients has been formulated as single components in any carrier systems or as in multi-components formularies.

The end-users, marketers, manufacturers, formulation laboratories or importers of Pioneer Enterprise‘ raw materials and ingredients which are incorporated into any formularies as formulated or re-sold or re-exported or assayed in accordance with any mandatory regulatory requirements of any country or infringement of any patents assume all liabilities as that may arise out of the use of Pioneer Enterprise‘s raw materials and ingredients in any formularies in combination with raw materials and ingredients of other suppliers or as single components in any carriers. All Trademarks and/or Trade names are the properties of their respective owners

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The definition of users as mentioned in these instances are manufacturers, marketers, formulation laboratories, consultants, and importers assumed all liabilities arising as either personal injuries suits, infringements of patents suits, infringements of or failures to meet regulatory requirements suits of a formulary either as single components in any carrier systems or in as multi-components formularies in which are may consist of a Pioneer Enterprise. raw material or ingredients.