Description :  The genus name Hedychium is derived from two ancient Greek words, hedys meaning “sweet” and chios meaning “snow”. This refers to the fragrant white flower of the type species H. coronarium.

Members of the genus Hedychium are rhizomatous perennials, commonly growing 120–180 cm (47–71 in) tall. Some species are cultivated for their exotic foliage and fragrant spikes of flowers in shades of white, yellow and orange.

Product Offered : Rhizomes

Uses & Benefits :

    • Ginger lily is digestive, stomachic and vasodilator.
    • It is used in treating nausea, halitosis, vomiting, diminished appetite, hiccups and local inflammation.
    • The rootstock is carminative, emmenagogue, expectorant, stimulant, stomachic and tonic.
    • The rhizomes of ginger lily are used in treating asthma and internal injuries.
    • The rhizomes are powdered and used as an antiseptic agent and as a poultice for various aches and pains.
    • Ginger lily is also helpful in treating liver complaints, indigestion and poor circulation due to thickening of the blood.
  • Its rootstalk is used in treating bronchitis and alleviating pain.

Medicinal Uses :

    • The plant is known for the treatment of several liver disorders.
    • Some diseases like treating fevers, vomiting and diarrhea can be treated with the help of Hedychium.
    • This is very effective in case of inflammation and pain.
    • It is used for the treatment of snakebite.
    • The roots are useful in treatment of bronchitis and alleviating pain.
    • The roots are also helpful in treating asthma and internal injuries.
    • The plant is quite effective in the treatment of nasal polyps, fever and worm infections.
    • The plant is effectively used for the treatment of arthritis.
    • It is also helpful in relieving from general pain.
    • Gulbakawali Ark, an ayurvedic medication made from this plant is used for the treatment of eye disorders such as cataracts.
  • The plant is quite effective in case of indigestion and poor circulation of blood.
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Part Used : Rhizomes

Habitat : Grows in Sub Tropical Himalayas.