Myristica Fragrans

Description : Myristica fragrans is a small evergreen tree, usually 5–13 m (16–43 ft) tall, but occasionally reaching 20 m (66 ft). The alternately arranged leaves are dark green,5–15 cm (2.0–5.9 in) long by 2–7 cm (0.8–2.8 in) wide with petioles about 1 cm (0.4 in) long. The species is dioecious, i.e. “male” or staminate flowers and “female” or carpellate flowers are borne on different plants, although occasional individuals produce both kinds of flower. The flowers are bell-shaped, pale yellow and somewhat waxy and fleshy. Staminate flowers are arranged in groups of one to ten, each 5–7 mm (0.2–0.3 in) long; carpellate flowers are in smaller groups, one to three, and somewhat longer, up to 10 mm (0.4 in) long.

Carpellate trees produce smooth yellow ovoid or pear-shaped fruits, 6–9 cm (2.4–3.5 in) long with a diameter of 3.5–5 cm (1.4–2.0 in). The fruit has a fleshy husk. When ripe the husk splits into two halves along a ridge running the length of the fruit. Inside is a purple-brown shiny seed, 2–3 cm (0.8–1.2 in) long by about 2 cm (0.8 in) across, with a red or crimson covering (an aril). The seed is the source of nutmeg, the aril the source of mace.

Uses :  Nutmeg is always used in foods, especially in desserts in India. It is considered as a precious herb because of the enormous medicinal properties of its seeds.

The most important thing in the use of Nutmeg, as a small dose it does not produce any side effects. Effects of Nutmeg include a narcotic effect when taken in large doses. One word of advice will be to enjoy the Nutmeg benefits and not to abuse it. It is one of the many herbal supplements that has plenty of uses.

Nutmeg is aromatic, stimulant, sleep inducing, carminative, intoxicating, digestive tonic and is also an aphrodisiac. Islamic scholars from historical times described nutmeg as stimulating, intoxicating, digestive tonic and as an aphrodisiac. Dr. Paracelsus Loni cerus and Mathiolus in their research on Nutmeg described it as a gastric tonic.

Health Benefits : 

    • Pain Relief
    • Digestive Health
    • Brain Health
    • Detoxify the Body
    • Oral Health
    • Insomnia
    • Leukemia
    • Skin Health
  • Blood Pressure and Circulation

Medicinal Benefits : 

    • Nutmeg oil is potent brain booster, increasing circulation and allowing you to concentrate better. It also works by stimulating the brain and therefore removes mental exhaustion and stress.

    • Nutmeg oil also stimulates the cardiovascular system and therefore is a good tonic for the heart.

    • Nutmeg is an effective liver and kidney detoxifier.
    • Nutmeg powder heated on the pan with sesame oil until brown is an effective external application to relieve any rheumatic pain, neuralgia and sciatica. The oil should be cooled and strained before application. Nutmeg oil is also effective in treating menstrual cramps, muscular and joint pain as it is an excellent sedative.
    • Nutmeg can help clear up congestion due to colds, this is the reason why it is used in many cough syrups.
  • Nutmeg powder (about 5 to 15 grams), mixed with apple juice or banana, is used as a specific remedy for diarrhea caused by indigestion.
  • A regular massage of the abdomen with nutmeg oil, three weeks before delivery is believed to be very helpful for child birth.

  • Nutmeg paste mixed with honey is given to infants who cry at night for no apparent reason, to induce sleep.

  • Nutmeg oil helps in removing bad breath. It is also antiseptic in nature and is effective for toothaches and aching gums.

Essential Oil


CAS #8008-45-5
SP.GRAVITY @ 25&degC.0.8800 ~ 0.9100.
REF.INDEX @ 20&degC.1.4750 ~ 1.4880.
OPTICAL ROTATION+8.00 ~ +30.00.