NeemHit 3% EC is a 3% Azadirachtin formulated Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that offers broad spectrum insecticidal control on over 300 insect species. NeemHitprevents molting between larval, pupal and nymphal stages and also repels insects in treated areas, reducing insect infestations in and around the facility.

Azadirachtin based pesticides are versatile; easily biodegradable, leaving no toxic residues and thereby keeping the environment clean and safe.

NeemHit Salient Characterstics

  • Multipronged effect.
  • Interferes with growth and metamorphosis in insect larva.
  • Acts as an oviposition deterrent.
  • Blocks ovarian development in adult insects.
  • Insect growth regulator by disrupting growth and molting hormone production .
  • Repellant and Antifeedant
  • No known resistance.
  • No pest resurgence.
  • Harmless to birds, mammals and beneficials such as bees, spiders and butterflies and insect natural enemies like predators and parasitoids.
  • On par with traditional insecticides and superior in control to other biorational insecticides. An Integral part Integrated pest management strategy.
  • Most cost effective than other biorational products
  • Emulsifiable concentrate easily dispersed in water.
  • Stable under room temperature conditions.
  • Compatible with many synthetic pesticides and fungicides.
  • Ideal for organic farming. Exhibits growth stimulant and phytotonic effects.
  • Non Phytotoxic and no entry restrictions.

Actions at differnet stages of life cycle of insect

Egg Stage

Larva Stage

Pupa Stage

Adult Stage

Ovicidal, Ovipositional deterrent, Toxicant, Egg hatchbility growth disruptant regulator.

Antifeedant, Repellent, Disruptant/Regular deterrent, Molt inhibitor, Chitin inhibitor, Larval toxicant.

Growth disruption, Molt Inhibitor, Growth regulator, Toxicant, Juvenile hormone.

Antifeedant, Repellent, Deterrent, Molt sterility, Molt/Chitin inhibitor, Growth sexual behaviour,Ovipositional deterrent, Juvenile hormone, Biosynthesis.


Azadirachtin Technical (aflatoxin free)10-25% ai,It effectively controls about 300 insect species, mites, termites, soil nematodes and some fungi. It has ectoparasiticidal properties also

  • NeemHit 0.03%( EC) 300ppm
  • NeemHit0.1%(EC) 1000ppm
  • NeemHit 0.15%(EC) 1500ppm
  • NeemHit 0.4%(EC) 3000ppm
  • NeemHit 0.1%(EC) 5000ppm
  • NeemHit 1.0%(EC) 10000ppm
  • NeemHit 3.0%(EC) 30000ppm – OMRI Listed
  • NeemHit 4.5%(EC) 45000ppm
  • NeemHit 5.0%(EC) 50000ppm

Application Recommendations

  • For “Good” pest control and better results apply as soon as pests are observed. First application as soon as egg laying is observed followed by second on egg hatching. Further application at 7-15 day interval.
  • Apply during immature pest stages for greater control.
  • Apply in cool hours. Spray during morning or evening hours to maximize bio-efficacy.
  • Under high pest incidence, use product at short intervals.
  • Spray followed by a chemical application in case of serious pest outbreak in non-organic crops. Product may be applied in rotation or in combination with other pesticides as tank mix.
  • The formulation may be alternated with chemicals/biological if required.
  • Use the product to prevent insecticide resistance.
  • Thoroughly cover foliage or apply up to run off conditions.
  • Use “rain fastener” in case of high rainfall areas.
  • Avoid storage of spray mixtures. Mix afresh for every application – EC once diluted, to be used in 8 hours.
  • Use “pH” connectors depending on the spray water quality.
  • Use required “surfacetants” where necessary.
  • Good mixing required before application.
  • Use oil adjuvant to maximize biological activity of selected pests.

Toxicology & Registrations
Neem products Toxicology studies to evaluate the safety of our Technical material and EC formulation were done in Huntingdon Life Sciences, U.K. and the product chemistry data was generated at Hauser Chemical Research Inc. Colorado, USA. Efficacy trials were carried out in India, USA, Mexico , Italy, Thailand, Canada and Israel on various pests. The results of these trials have established the effectiveness of the product on pests infecting Cotton, Tea, Tobacco, lepidopterous pests complex on Cabbage, pest complex on Tomato, Chillies, Oil seed crops, other fruits and vegetable crop and green houses, mushroom etc.