Paprika Colour & Oil Soluble

Description : Paprika Color Natural Oil Soluble color is bright and stable. Mainly used in dying of meat products and imitation foods.

Paprika is a red-orange coloring oily material extracted from the common sweet red pepper, Capsicum annum L. The plant is grown mostly in temperate climates. Paprika is manufactured from the dried and ground sweet pepper pods of Capsicum annum. The colourings that impart the characteristic yellow to orange hue of paprika are capsanthin and capsorubin.

Paprika, a red spice, imparts flavor and colour to food. Paprika, the ground, dried fruit of Capsicum annuum, has been used as a colour and/or spice for centuries as the raw ground powder in foods such as chili, chorizo, and goulash. Paprika colour compounds can also be solvent extracted to produce paprika oleoresin, a purified form of the colouring compounds.

Paprika oleoresin is a red-orange oily material and it is used to colour foods. It also has a slight odor. It is extracted from the common sweet red pepper, Capsicum annum L. In Hungarian, the word paprika refers to both the spice and the fresh pepper.

Paprika oleoresin may also be called paprika extract or oleoresin paprika


Ingredients :

Paprika Oleoresin Refined Vegetable Oil.

Stability :

Heat : Good

PH (Colour Range) : Pale Pinkish

Light : Good.

Product Code : PEAPOS – 125

Concentration : 40000 I.U.

Applications : Meat Products, Sausages & Snacks, Tomato Sauce etc.