Turmeric Colour



Ingredients :

Curcumin, Emulsifier, Carrier.

Stability :

Heat : Highly Stable

PH (Colour Range) :Greenish Yellow to Orange Yellow

Light : Poor.

Product Code : PETTWS – 110(a)

Concentration : 5% (Liq.) Curcumin

Applications : Ice Cream, Cheese spread, Cakes, Canned Food, Wrapped Confectionery

Description : Turmeric, a yellow root, imparts colour and flavor to food and has been used as a colour and/or spice for centuries. Turmeric is produced by grinding the rhizomes of the perennial herb, Curcuma longa.  Spicy sharp to light bitter taste.  The colour of the flesh is bright yellow to orange, the moderately brown.  The shape is rough and a bit lumpy, smaller (about 1 cm in diameter) than ginger

Use :  Turmeric is available as a fresh root, dried or as a powder.  It is used in Asian cuisine, especially in India. You can also use it in tonics, smoothies or tea combined with ginger, black pepper and honey. Turmeric is a spice which works with any dish, adds a great colour and is also very healthy. It tastes great in all kinds of curries or in soups with squash or lentils.  You can add it to sauces and stewed or stir-fried vegetables, meat or fish. You can also add some turmeric to your chicken or fish before grilling it. A healthy smoothie is easy to make with some carrot, orange and a little turmeric. Turmeric is easier absorbed into the bloodstream when combined with black pepper or chilli. Turmeric can leave a yellow colour on wooden boards or spoons which is very hard to remove.